Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kendall and JT at The Turnip Rose

This is where several of my worlds collided, Kendall was referred to me by a past bride, she was my daughters 7th grade history teacher, her family used to go to our old church and have several shared friends. And the lady that made her dresses for the wedding lives on my street and we have known for over 20 years She is gorgeous and I had a blast working with her on the floral design of her wedding day to JT. More to come....Fabulous Pictures by Sheri Wade

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Haunted Mansion Part 3

So this is Michelle and Justin! And these are a few of my favorite pictures of the day. There are many more wonderful pictures and I will share even more later. This was October 10th at The Forester Mansion (great place for a wedding), it even has a ghost! It was a small affair with a gorgeous garden, a mansion and a tent. With Black Magic and Champagne Roses! Ivy, Curly Willow, Bear Grass and Hypercanum Berries we created her and her Bridesmaids Bouquets and Centerpieces. With antiques all around it was gorgeous romantic wedding! Even more special because my whole family got to be guests for their first day of being married!

Haunted Mansion Wedding Part 2

This was a special wedding for is my daughter in law Kristin's sister Michelle getting married. Their story is a fun one...meeting on line and then in an airport...and then going to one side of the country and back to this side. His name is Justin Both Kirchner girls married Justins :)

Again the beautiful photography is by Gabriel Ryan you can visit him at
and Darcie King of Joyful Weddings and Events worked her magic throughout the day. You can visit her at

Haunted Mansion Wedding Part 1

10/10/09 Wedding of Michelle and Justin at the Forester Mansion in San Juan Capistrano. All photos by Gabriel Ryan

Friday, September 4, 2009

Meredith and Travis 8/15/2009

Meredith and Travis such a sweet couple...I loved our initial meeting and then they were so great being that their wedding was only a week before my daughter Megan's wedding and well I was a busy girl! But their day came first and I loved the colors and her old fashion bouquet! We worked with awesome photographers Derek Photography who provided me with the pictures and slide show below. Go check out their amazing work!

Wedding was at a Catholic Church in Newport Beach and the lovely reception was at the Bahia Corinthians Yhact Club!

Meredith and Travis...The Flowers

Meredith and Travis 8/15/2009 Video Blog

videoThis is Meredith and Travis! They are the sweetest couple! I also got to stay for this one and watch the Catholic Mass Ceremony....something I don't get to do often and is always special to actually see the wedding ceremony!
This is my first time downloading a video...courtesey of Derek Photography. More on them in a minute...lets see how this goes!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Megan Gets Married Part 2 .....DETAILS AND THANKYOUS!

This day was a TEAM EFFORT! We had some wonderful details and so much fun and I can't wait to show more but for now I want to thank some pretty special people!
First Dom did all the graphics and print work... save the dates, invitations, cds, programs... oh yeah he was the groom too! for more of his work. And Doms parents Pat and Dominic for their contributions to the day!
Then Mark my amazing husband. You should have seen the look when we asked him to build 35 white wood benches that would be used for 40 minutes! But he did, as he would do anything for his girls. And they were incredible! So if you need benches for an me :-)
Darcie King of Joyful Weddings and Events, oh I cannot say enough about the girl I met as a young child to see her grow up into a beautiful woman. Friend and College roomate of Megans. She was our coordinator/planner and WOW did I end up needing her and her expertise. Wasn't a huge supporter of the Wedding Coordinator before but I AM NOW! Go to to see more of their amazing work and attention to detail! And Debbie, Darcie's mom who has supported me and helped me from the beginning of Megan's Garden! Dr. Don too!
CUPCAKES....OH HOW WE LOVE OUR CUPCAKES! Stacia they were delicious and you were generous and delightful. I hope to send some of my Brides your way and I am sooo craving an Ice Cream filled cupcake!
The Taco Guy....don't know much about him but they were soooo good! 310.753.2921 Salvatore.
And Photography....this is my favorite thing as many of you know. And I wanted to pick the photographer for Megan and Dom's Wedding....but they had friends that were know how that can go...but I went to their website and was impressed! Then saw the engagement sessions photos and was more than excited to have them be a part of the big day and they were awesome and as we get to see a taste of the amazing wedding day photos I can hardly contain myself wanting more! Gabriel and Carly you guys rocked! Please visit their site to see more of their work and of Megan and Dom.
Family is the most important thing to me and mine is well mine! So knowing this will make for a long post here I go! My talented sister in law Diane, she did all the calligraphy for the invitations and escort cards and then helped with all the details that day and so much more. Mike, Marks brother helped with benches, loading, unloading, loading again...bonfire etc. Tim Moyer, Mark's cousin who performed the Father/Daughter dance song...thank you for sharing your talent..wish we could have had more music! where there is more there!
Alicia, Becky and Brittany for the Hair and Make Up. Travis and Alyssa, Gary and Jennifer with all sorts of things that day, especially when it was time to clean up. My cousin Ron went above cousin duties and loaded, unloaded , loaded agan and added his catering/bartending experience to the weekend. Sarah, Kelsey, Heidi and Makena did childcare and the parents loved you guys!
My sister Wendy made the Yummy Wedding Cake and had all 3 of her kids in the wedding and Kyle her husband performed the moving ceremony. Chris my brother in law also a repeat loader and truck driver and then Devon my sister and faithful partner in this crazy business. I could not do what I do without her! Justin, Kristin, MaryKate and Krissy....what great kids I have and how they love their sister! And My Mom Mary....she helped and helped and helped and we cannot get away with what we get away with without her! I love you all!

Megan Gets Married Part 1

So it happened!
Megan and Dom got married!
After 6 months of praying, preparing and paying :) The day came and it was a gorgeous day...after a series of cloudy days not common in August in So Cal. The sun broke through! A busy weekend to be sure, Friday was the Rehearsal Dinner, a great BBQ and Bonfire at Doheny Beach with family and friends. The perfect way to spend my Birthday!
Saturday was all about the, details, benches, trucks and family and friends that we could not have done without! And after little sleep we headed into Sunday...The Day! With the truck loaded with 35 hand made benches by Mark and tons of other stuff and the flowers we headed down to the Ole Hanson Beach Club for the day and night! More to come...

Thursday, July 30, 2009


My daughter is getting married! This is her bridal shower invite...she wasn't on the Magazine but could be :-)
She is getting married in 24 DAYS! Not 24 years, or 10 years or even 1 year....24 days less than a month!
One day she is taking less than 2 hours to be born and the next she is quickly headed down the aisle to be a wife!
Now my son has been married for almost 2 years, so this process of letting go is not new to me. But as I am sure any mom will tell you a daughters wedding is something altogether different. There are so many emotions going around, so many things to do, about so many different things. Add to that the fact that I am in the wedding industry and well I want it all....for her!
It is this feeling of I'm not done, I didn't do enough, I wasted time I should have spent with her. I have more to share, more to teach, more to plan. And yes I know she is not actually leaving, and I will see her all the time and still I feel like I will miss her. And now she will be his and not ours in just 24 days. Megan is this amazing blessing in my life. She LOVES Jesus. She is loving, smart, gracious, brave, self sufficient, helpful, and knows what she wants and beautiful on top of all that. Watching her grow into a Godly beautiful woman these 24 years has been an honor and more than I ever deserved.
She was a surprise....Justin was only 4 months old when we found out Megan was on her way and I was young... 2 babies when I wasn't all grown up myself was what I was faced with. And God just poured out His Grace to me, with her and Justin! Family and Friends were so good to us, supporting, helping and just loving us. And Megan just blossomed under all this love. And now we are giving her away, that part in the wedding when they ask "who gives this woman to be married to this man?" That will be a first time for us and it feels amazingly true, we are giving her away. Her fiance...he is great, he loves her and cares for her, I can see that and, in some ways better than we do. He loves Jesus too and for that I am thankful. I know she will be as much of a blessing to him as she is to us. I have prayed for him, even before I knew him and I know that God will truly bless their union. But I just can't shake the feeling that I am not done, I want more time!
Now we have 2 more amazing daughters to raise and maybe someday give away to be married and I am mindful of how short time really is and how much there really is to do....cuddling, talking, praying, playing, planning, spending time together and seeing all that God has given us.
24 years to 24 days so short the time....
Pictures of their day to follow :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wedding in San Diego Part 2

More pictures from
Go see all her stuff at

Wedding in San Diego

This is Brooke and Heather... A wonderful couple who I was blessed to work with in a round about way. Brooke works where I used to work (years ago) at Horizon Christian Fellowship. He is the Youth Pastor there and some dear friends of mine put them in touch with me and it was such a honor to be a part of their day! And oh yeah I met a WONDERFUL photographer...her name is Jackie Wonders and you can see much more of her at

The Pham Wedding

Beautiful Photography by Joanne Distaso.

The Pham Wedding

Here are more florals from the Pham the way sweetest Bride!

The Pham Wedding

Please enjoy these florals from The Pham Wedding ...incredible photography by Joanne Distaso...go to for more of her wonderfulness!

The Pham Wedding

A beautiful Bride with a beautiful heart. I had so much fun planning her florals with her. Orange and Red....suited her perfectly!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Brittany and Will at Calvary Chapel Pacific Hills and The Surf and Sand Hotel in Laguna

I had the wonderful opportunity to play all kinds of parts in the Wedding of Brittany and Will. Mainly event designer, overseeing the details of Invitations by Dom Macaluso, Designing the Program, Floral Designer for the Wedding Ceremony, Cake Reception and Dinner Reception at the Surf and Sand Hotel and Co Wedding Coordinator at Calvaray Chapel Pacific Hills. This is my home church and the wedding of my Pastors son to the best friend of my Neice. So it was a wonderful combination of Family and Friends. Brittany, Will and their families were a JOY to work with. And as you will see they had an amazing photographer. Studio 7 Photography. Please look on...there is alot to see.Brittany and Will Rolph September 22, 2008

Reception Details: Aisle Arrangements turned Centerpiece
We printed engagement pictures on business cards, a different one for each table and then attached the pictures to the back side of the place cards for the seating arrangement. Then had a 5x7 picture at each table and the picture on the card matched to the table you were to be seated at. It worked great and everyone got to see all the different engagement pictures as well as taking a picture home of the happy coupl
A printed menu that matched the custom invitations to the small dinner with a single orchid.

Thank You to Diane for the help with setting up the Aisle!
Brides Parents
Grooms Mom and Family

I think this is a fun photo!
The beautiful moment of a father getting to marry his son, to the girl God has given for him to walk through this life with. Raw Emotion
One of my favorite moments.The Church and The Ceremony
Oh the Happiest Groom I have Ever seen

My Beautiful Neice Heather Maid of Honor. And The Stunning Bride! Brittany! Floating Dendrobiums! Strung by Devon, Megan, Diane, MaryKate and Hung by Mark
Getting everything in place for the Ceremony! Black Boxes in 5 different heights made by Mark Wheaton.
Custom Invitations, Programs, Bridal Logo and Menus designed beautifully by Dom Macaluso at Loving the Paper Eyelet Lanterns out in the GardenMore great shots of the bride
While I am the floral designer I by no means do it all by myself! These were done by my sister Devon and were exactly what we envisioned for the day
A florist like me is always looking for a great shot of the bouquet! I loved this one! Thank You Miah at Studio 7 Photography