Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Brittany and Will at Calvary Chapel Pacific Hills and The Surf and Sand Hotel in Laguna

I had the wonderful opportunity to play all kinds of parts in the Wedding of Brittany and Will. Mainly event designer, overseeing the details of Invitations by Dom Macaluso, Designing the Program, Floral Designer for the Wedding Ceremony, Cake Reception and Dinner Reception at the Surf and Sand Hotel and Co Wedding Coordinator at Calvaray Chapel Pacific Hills. This is my home church and the wedding of my Pastors son to the best friend of my Neice. So it was a wonderful combination of Family and Friends. Brittany, Will and their families were a JOY to work with. And as you will see they had an amazing photographer. Studio 7 Photography. Please look on...there is alot to see.Brittany and Will Rolph September 22, 2008

Reception Details: Aisle Arrangements turned Centerpiece
We printed engagement pictures on business cards, a different one for each table and then attached the pictures to the back side of the place cards for the seating arrangement. Then had a 5x7 picture at each table and the picture on the card matched to the table you were to be seated at. It worked great and everyone got to see all the different engagement pictures as well as taking a picture home of the happy coupl
A printed menu that matched the custom invitations to the small dinner with a single orchid.

Thank You to Diane for the help with setting up the Aisle!
Brides Parents
Grooms Mom and Family

I think this is a fun photo!
The beautiful moment of a father getting to marry his son, to the girl God has given for him to walk through this life with. Raw Emotion
One of my favorite moments.The Church and The Ceremony
Oh the Happiest Groom I have Ever seen

My Beautiful Neice Heather Maid of Honor. And The Stunning Bride! Brittany! Floating Dendrobiums! Strung by Devon, Megan, Diane, MaryKate and Hung by Mark
Getting everything in place for the Ceremony! Black Boxes in 5 different heights made by Mark Wheaton.
Custom Invitations, Programs, Bridal Logo and Menus designed beautifully by Dom Macaluso at Loving the Paper Eyelet Lanterns out in the GardenMore great shots of the bride
While I am the floral designer I by no means do it all by myself! These were done by my sister Devon and were exactly what we envisioned for the day
A florist like me is always looking for a great shot of the bouquet! I loved this one! Thank You Miah at Studio 7 Photography

Josh and Katie Sanderson at the Sanderson Home

Thank You to Mark and Jeff for coming in and hanging all these across the pool lights.

Mark was a giver on the very HOT day for getting in the pool and getting the letters to float just right.

Paper Lanterns made the event so fun and festive! Easy and Inexpensive, I am Sold!

Another beautifully photographed event by Jeffrey Neal Photography. This was a West Coast Reception after a North East Wedding. Most of the planning was done with Joann Sanderson, Josh's mom. And Jay's Catering was awsome!! And all the fun details just fell beautifully into place! Tent, Lanterns, Martini Ice Luge, Monogram Letters in the Pool! Just a lot of Fun!