Monday, April 5, 2010

Grace Ormonde "Being in Love Never Goes Out of Style"

(Picture from my iphone of my shelf =)
I don't usually blog about a magazine, but this is special. I have been in the wedding industry for almost 20 years now as a Floral and Event Designer and I have never been a big fan of the Bridal Magazines.... there is just too much crap in them and usually my brides bring me torn out pictures of bouquets they love from a magazine they have, but that the flowers are from some highly stylized photo shoot, out of season or some weed flower that you can't find at the trade center. I then have to come up with creative ways to make sure my bride gets the bouquet she dreams of for her wedding day. So for those reasons alone, other than the occasional Martha, I have steered clear of the Bridal Magazine.

Until 2003 when I came across WEDDING STYLE by Grace Ormonde. This Magazine was and is beautiful, you can hardly call it a magazine with it's large pages and beautiful images of real weddings. And while most of my brides cannot afford the weddings or vendors featured in the pages of the magazine, they most certainly can draw inspiration from the pages and pages of beautiful images and weddings. So from 2003 I have made sure to have the latest copy of WEDDING STYLE available for my client meetings. They were so popular that I started giving my brides a copy of the magazine at our initial meeting as a gift. And while I do not advertise in any publications (referrals from all my amazing brides, works fine for me) I am always impressed with those vendors Grace Ormonde allows to advertise in her magazine, you always know they are of high quality and good reputation.

So back to my reason for posting in the first place. She has a BIG BOOK coming out and I am so excited!!! As much as I am NOT a fan of the Bridal Magazine, I LOVE BOOKS about Love, Weddings, Flowers, Photography, Details and Beautiful Things and her book "Being in Love Never Goes Out of Style" promises to be a Beautiful Combination of all of these things! I cannot wait to get mine and look through it over and over again, and have it there for all my brides to look through, while we joyfully pour over plans and designs for the beginning of their own Amazing Love Story! So Thank You Grace Ormonde for putting your heart into your art and giving us in the wedding industry something to aspire too.

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