Sunday, January 16, 2011


I met Lindsay when she was in Jr High with my son... I was the 8th grade discipleship leader and she SO did not want to be in the Jr High group... she wanted to be with the high schoolers and her friends there. But she stayed with us and I LOVED getting to know her, Christy, and Kristin (my now daughter in law =) And I was blessed and honored to get to be a part of her life as she grew into this STUNNING young woman of God!  I was (years later ;-) blessed to be asked to be a part of her wedding to Matt.  And while I do not know Matt well, when I see them together their love for each other is so apparent and true.  A long the way I have seen them together a few times and watching him make her laugh, knowing that one of "my girls" has found true love, makes me smile =)

So Pretty!

Lindsay and my beautiful Daughter in Law Kristin

Sweet Sisters!


So Handsome!

The not to bad looking themselves... men.

Loved this idea....Each table had a anniversary card on it for a different year, the table signed it and then they are suppose to open that year on their anniversary... how is it going guys? 

Arroyo Trabuco

One of my all time favorite pictures! LOVE

Lindsay's sister Sher and one of my 2010 couples! Look for their wedding in a future post!

Really can you get any more gorgeous than this!
At the time that they got married, I did not have a blog, but the pictures are amazing (along with the couple) and I wanted to share them with you and to say CONGRATULATIONS TO LINDSAY AND MATT ... they are EXPECTING THEIR FIRST CHILD!!! SO EXCITED! Love you Lindsay!

PICTURES BY MELISSA SLATER(with Frank Salas)  Please go check her out!

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